We were in deep space one day
Just enjoying the view
We were out by the Nereid Cluster
Just me and you

Lovers in the space lanes
Enjoying the sights
Anything for love
On lonley nights...

"Nereid Cluster"

Long ago there was a sad event; a death.
This event was a catapult into a jet
black sky; thrusting an amorphous blob
into the depth of space where it 
exploded against nothing and 
rang the universe like a bell
and drifted apart into a nebula.

The Nebula condensed; collapsed upon itself
and forming young, blue white stars.
The brilliant light of the stars strained
against the night, until it's tendrils
reached the nearly cold echoes of the
explosion that formed them.

Deep inside the mind
... there was music.

-- The Myth of the Nereid Cluster

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